Document: Requirements, Codes, Standards, and Regulations

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Description Source file for the OTEC Requirments, Codes, Standards, and Regulations
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Type System Requirements Document
documents Requirement C.3 Renewable
Requirement C.4 Adaptable
Requirement C.5 Scalable
Requirement C.6 Environment
Requirement C.7 Energy Capacity
Requirement C.8 Availability
Requirement C.9 Efficiency
Requirement C.10 Lifetime
Requirement C.11 Job Creation
Requirement C.12 O&M Costs
Requirement C.13 Capital Cost
Requirement F.1 OTEC Process
Requirement F.2 Working Fluid
Requirement F.3 Power
Requirement F.4 Transmission Voltage
Requirement F.5 Power Factor
Requirement F.6 Distribution Voltage
Requirement F.7 Frequency
Requirement F.8 Generator Connection
Requirement F.9 Distribution regulations
Requirement F.10 Distribution Cable
Requirement F.11 Transmission Protection
Requirement F.12 Distance from shore
Requirement N.1 Command
Requirement N.2 Communication
Requirement N.3 Monitoring and Control
Requirement N.4 System Lifetime
Requirement N.5 System Availability
Requirement N.6 Survivability
Requirement N.7 Construction
Requirement N.8 Maintenance of Subsystems
Requirement N.9 MTTR
Requirement N.10 Sea Safety
Requirement N.11 Environmental Safety
Requirement Q.1 Modularity
Requirement Q.2 Component Lifetime
Requirement Q.3 Quality Efficiency
Requirement Q.4 Commercial Components
Requirement Q.5 Recycled Power
Requirement Q.6 Supportability
Requirement Q.7 Human Factors
Requirement Q.8 Redundancies
Requirement Q.9 Power Cable
Requirement Q.10 Used Water
Requirement S.1 Pumps
Requirement S.2 Heat Exchangers
Requirement S.3 Turbine
Requirement S.4 Generator
Requirement S.5 Component Selection
Requirement S.6 Voltage Regulators
Requirement S.7 Tachometer rating
Requirement S.8 Tachometer status
Requirement S.9 Thermocouple rating
Requirement S.10 Voltage Meters
Requirement S.11 Emergency Shutoff
Requirement S.12 Contol subsystem
Requirement S.13 Computer
Requirement S.14 Processing
Requirement S.15 Error Monitoring
Requirement S.16 Health Monitoring
Requirement S.17 Corrective Action