• Historically, activities involving high risk to life and health have needed oversight, accountability, and situational awareness.
  • Personnel accountability systems have been implemented, mainly as manually operated systems.
  • The need for situational awareness increases exponentially in crisis situations where much is at stake and time is critical. Example: US Navy experiences over 50 man-overboard situations per year—sometimes realizing that a sailor is missing only when performing a scheduled roll call.
  • Many of the current accountability systems are manually operated which can be error-prone and time consuming

Problem Statement

Current solutions do not provide a robust, automated, and scalable system to perform personnel tracking and accounting. PATS is a MIL-STD-810F compliant system targeted to meet the crucial need to protect the most valuable assets of any system: the personnel carrying out mission critical tasks in life threatening conditions.


An automated, scalable, and durable personnel accountability system with tracking capabilities could be an attractive product in many different domain applications, ranging from civilian to military:

  • Firefighting
  • Maritime Search and Rescue
  • Military Operations
  • Natural Disaster Response
  • Multi-Agency Task Force Support