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Problem Statement

Arrival flow variance causes Unbalanced Utilization of Airline/Airport Resources.

  • Reduced Runway Throughput
  • Excess Airborne Delay (Holding Pattern)
  • Excess Fuel burn / Carbon Emissions

Production Variance

What is Production Variance

  • Extra wide bell curve of actual Arrivals around the Schedule.

Symptoms of High Variance

  • Underutilization of assets, over utilization of consumables, i.e., higher fuel burn
  • Ever increasing block time
  • Decreased product quality, no product differentiation
  • Less satisfied customers, lower customer expectations
  • Less system throughput/productivity
  • Increased production of green house gasses (CO2/NOX emissions)
  • Randomness and chaos, collapse of the static processes
  • Just in case Operations, numerous last minute changes

Sub-optimal and unbalanced system