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ntegration Strategy for PROGNOS
Knowledge Exchange Module Interfaces (ISP-KEMI)

Operational Scenario Description:  

1.      Human Intelligence (HUMINT) report received about possible Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Yemen.  Information received via DCGS-N and originates from CIA.  Anticipate message format being a XML formatted message IAW a schema defined in the DoD Meta-Data Registry.

2.      UAV dispatched to confirm.  UAV is tracked via GCCS-M (C2PC) or alternatively tracked via Link-16.  If messaging is from C2PC, it will use the NG VDX message format.  If it is Link-16, it will use the TADIL J message format.

3.      UAV arrives to loiter and detects excessive radiation activity.  UAV video via DCGS-N.

4.      F18 fighter aircrafts dispatched to bomb facility.  F18 tracked via GCCS-M (Link 16 feed).  F18s warned of troops in local area.  F18s and PROGNOS track local troops in the area via FBCB2 and JVMF messaging.

5.      BDA performed by spy satellite.  BDA received via NRO satellite and received on DCGS-N.

6.      Mission complete.

CIA: Central Intelligence Agency (US government)
UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
C2PC: Command and Control Personal Computer
NG VDX: Network Grid Virtual Document Exchange
TADIL: Tactical Digital Information Link
DCGS-N: Distributed Common Ground System - Navy
GCCS-M: Global Command and Control System Maritime
FBCB2: Force XX1 Battle Command, Brigagde-and-Below
JVMF: Joint Variable Message Format
BDA: Battle Damage Assessment
NRO: National Reconnaissance Office
NG: Northrop Grumman

Sequence Diagram:

sequence diagram

Activity Flow Diagram:

activity flow diagram
Both Sequency Diagram and Activity Flow Diagram are located in pdf & doc.

Knowledge Exchange Module Interface (KEMI) Demonstration with a Simulated External System Based on the Operational Scenario:

kemi demo
 <Video file: KEMI Demonstration (10.1 MB) >

PROGNOS Team: Richard Rockweiler, Nhan Nguyen, Choel Young Park, & Lisahyunhee Kim
George Mason University
Last modified: 9 May 2010
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