Surface Congestion Reduction

Analysis & Modeling (SCRAM)


Team SCRAM is providing research and analysis services for the Marine Highway System (A Multimodal Short Sea Freight Shipping System) project. The project is in fulfillment of the OR680, Capstone Project requirement and sponsored by Dr. K. Thirumalai (Research Professor, George Mason University, Department of Civil, Environmental & Infrastructure Engineering) and Dr. Chun-Hung Chen (Professor, Department of Systems Engineering & Operations Research).

Other collaborators and stakeholders include:

I-95 Corridor Coalition

Virginia Department of Transportation

Virginia Port Authority

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Rutgers (Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation-Freight Traffic Analysis, Intermodal Systems)

DLR German Transportation Research Center (Short Sea Shipping, CRS & SI Applications)

GEOEYE - World Leaders in Imageries (CRS & SI Data Systems)

CSC/AMC Modeling & Simulation (Marine Operations, Multimodal Systems)

GMU (CRS & SI Tech Applications, Infrastructure Systems, Freight Analysis)


Problem Statement:

Surface freight shipment via truck contributes significantly to congestion and roadway maintenance costs

Question to Be Evaluated:

Can increasing the use of the Marine Highway System relieve highway congestion and provide cost-competitive and time-reliable service?