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About Us

Below is a brief overview of each of the team members that make up SCRAM:

Karen Davis (Booz Allen Hamilton), provides operations research support for the military medical programs across the Department of Defense (DoD). She has over 8 years of analytical and research experience. She has more than 6 years of experience applying these analytical skills within the DoD and Government. Ms. Davis has continually developed professionally through completing courses and training such as the Program Analysis & Evaluation Analyst Course, Combating Bioterrorism: Implementing Policies for Biosecurity, Operational Test and Evaluation Directorate (DOT&E) Staff Officer Training Course, and the Joint Medical Planners Course. Currently, Ms. Davis has a B.S. and M.S. degree in mechanical engineering and is working on the completion of her second M.S. degree in operations research.


Greg Haubner (Systems Planning and Analysis), is a Military Operations Analyst with 10 years of professional experience. He currently provides on-site support to OPNAV N14, within the Navy’s Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education (MPT&E) domain, analyzing various issues related to Navy recruiting policy, performance, and resources. He also has experience analyzing surface warfare requirements and campaign plans in support of OPNAV N81/6. Before joining SPA, Mr. Haubner served on Active Duty in the United States Navy for five years. He also spent two years in the financial sector prior to joining the military. Mr. Haubner holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and is currently working to complete his M.S. in Operations Research.


Jim Hingst (Modern Technology Solutions, Inc.), is a Senior Engineer providing operations research and engineering support to advanced and special technology programs within the Department of Defense. He has 18 years of technical analysis experience across several disciplines, ranging from the modeling and analysis of chemical kinetics, development and analysis of operational air campaign plans, through the application and analysis of advanced technologies to near term missile defense. Mr. Hingst holds a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering and is pursuing an M.S. in Operations Research.


Bill Judge (Metron, Inc.), is a senior analyst providing analytic support to the OPNAV N2/N6, that directorate that is responsible for making the budget for Navy Intelligence, Communication and Information Technology. Projects have included assessments of programs performance, translating mission level modeling results into prioritized requirements and assessing impacts of various vulnerabilities, He has supported OPNAV in this capacity for three years and previously worked in a similar capacity for the Federal Aviation Administration.


Chris Zalewski (civilian/United States Air Force), is an Operations Research Analyst. He has supported studies and analyses for the Air Force and Department of Defense for 18-years as a consultant before moving to a civilian position. In this time he has conducted analyses using discrete event simulation and linear programs. Mr. Zalewski has a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and an M.S. in Technology Systems Management. He is currently pursing his M.S. in Operations Research.

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