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May 5th, 2011:
Our project is nearing completion

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- Sikorsky
- GMU SE/OR Department

Version: 1.0
(March 24th, 2011)

Literature and Resources

Much of our input data has been procured directly through Sikorsky as well as open and unclassified mission data regarding each of the branches of the military. This data is not readily available online or any other public resource. However extensive operational data, design details, as well as scenario details per military branch for various rotary craft can be found and taken from: Global

Global Security contains a vast wealth of information regarding military rotary vehicles, among other things.

In addition, we found all forms of online literature from technical forums to technical articles/papers to be of huge value when researching past warfare, and current and future technologies. Please refer to the resources section of our final report for further details on these sources.