About the Team

Brandon Borkholder:

MS Operations Research

I'm a Software Analyst at Metron, Inc. where I've worked for the past 4 years.  Before that I received my BS in math and computer science.  In fact, those are the two reasons I chose a MS in Operations Research - because I think optimization is an interesting blend between math and computer science theory.  Before starting this class I didn't know much about financial engineering, so this project was a good opportunity to become more familiar with the concepts and theories of the options market.

Mark Dickerson:

MS Systems Engineering

I am completing my Masters Program this semester (Spring '11) and will soon embark in my career as a Multi-Discipline Systems Engineer. I have a BS in both Physics and Applied Mathematics. Naturally, I have choosen an occupational path in which I have always worked in the capacity of a problem solver. It is the thrill of solving problems and the curiosity of financial engineering that attracted me to choose this Investment Planning project.

Aren Knutsen:

MS Operations Research

I’m a Senior Software Analyst at Metron, Inc where I’ve worked since 1999. I have a BS in Mathematics and enjoy working on problems in applied and computational mathematics. My background, including the type of work I do, led me to select the MS in Operations Research program at GMU. Before taking this capstone course I did not have any experience in financial engineering however the Problem Overview for this project described an interesting opportunity to work on a problem that included both software development and mathematical modeling and simulation while also introducing me to a new technical field.

Shefali Garg:

MS Operations Research

I am currently a home maker and looking forward to soon joining the workforce.  I have a Masters in Economics. My love for Mathematics steered me toward Operations Research at GMU. However, I never imagined that I would become involved with trading in money. This project has given me an opportunity to learn about how investment, trading, and the concepts of optimization can be applied to improve investment returns.