George Mason University
Spring 2012

Capstone To Help Those Who Help

Building Impact's mission is to strenghten communities by providing individuals and companies with the knowledge and opportunity to volunteer, donate, and connect in the buildings where they work and live.

Building Impact (BI) was founded in Boston, MA in 2003 to serve as an intermediary between building management and non-profit charities. BI connects to buildings' resources (donations, volunteers, and space) to the needs of non-profits in the community. BI serves 53 buildings with 575 companies and over 20,000 employees, along with over 40 members in the Non-Profit Partner (NPP) network.

Building Impact offers six different types of events: Donation Drives, Blood Drives, In-Office Events, Corporate Events, Community Events, and One-Off Donations.

GMU Consultants' Objective:
Our objective was to analyze Building Impact's processes in a systematic way and model them in appropriate software; derive recommendations to improve their processes based on these models; and provide an implementation plan for these recommendations.