Meet the Team


Mehran Irdmousa  (Project management/System Engineering)

Mehran Irdmousa graduated in May 2010 with a B.S. in Systems Engineering with concentration in Operations Research and will graduate in December 2013 with an M.S. in Systems Engineering with concentration in Architecture-based Systems Engineering from GMU. Mehran has been working at Metron Aviation since July 2010. Mehran has been involved with acquisition of some of largest FAA automation systems while being involved with many concept engineering activities for future NextGen concepts. Furthermore, Mehran has lead several projects at Metron Aviation in concept engineering fields around FAA interests.

Alireza Bitaraf (Electrical Engineering/System Engineering)

Alireza Bitaraf received his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in telecommunications from Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran. He has done numerous projects revolving around modeling of biological systems, Artificial Intelligence, and electric system design. Right after graduation from Shiraz University, Ali started his PhD in Systems Engineering and Operation Research at George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, with a concentration in Architecture-Based System Integration (ABSI). Ali has had the experience of working in different companies from business (AFLAC), to technology (IMCI Technologies) and utility (Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative) and been involved in numerous projects from recruiting to software development and management consulting.

Nahid Boustani (Computer Science/System Engineering)

Nahid Boustani will be graduating from George Mason University in December 2013 with a M.Sc degree in Systems Engineering and concentration in Systems Analysis. Prior to starting her graduate studies, she was a data analyst in ComScore Inc, responsible for supporting companies in measuring the digital world and then, an application developer in Telarix Inc., providing digital business analytics tools to clients. Nahid received her B.Sc. degree in 2005 in Computer Science, contributing her final project efforts to Servers Load Balancing.

Sanaz Jaraiedi (Electrical Engineering/ System Engineering)

Sanaz Jaraiedi graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineer and BioEngineering from George Mason University. Right After her undergraduate studies, she pursued her higher education in System Engineering and obtained an M.Sc degree from George Mason University with a concentration in IT Management. One of the Ms. Jaraiedi's accomplishments throughout her career is bringing to life her innovative project, BioSignal Operated Robotic Arm, with US Army, working as the project manager and software engineer. This device allows people with amputees (and veterans) to operate their limbs with minimum training therefore enhancing their overall quality of life. After completion of this project successfully she performed several other BioEngineering Projects (Digital Signal Processing Focused). She obtained her CompTIA Cloud Computing Certificate and started working on her PMP certificate. While working on her PMP certificate and working as a System Engineer and Risk Manager in TASC, Inc. Sanaz discovered her passion in proactive leadership. As a result, she got involved in operation and leadership of several sensitive and/or civilian projects.