Work Measurement Program

Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS)

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The following documents were produced in the course of this effort.


The project Proposal contains the initial description of planned effort for the semester.

Data Collection Plan

The Data Collection Plan describes the GMU plan for collecting data related to the MT60 sampling program during the course of this semester's efforts.

Data Collection Documents

Each site participating in the MT60 Case Study received the following packet of documents for use in collecting data on the MT60 sampling program.

  • Data Collection Sheet (DCS): Form for use by data collection team in recording time spent on each step of the MT60 Sampling effort.
  • Step Instructions: Step-by-step instructions for filling out the DCS
    • Version 10 of the instructions relates to DCS Version 10
    • Version 11 of the instructions relates to DCS Version 11
  • Overall Instructions: An overview of the MT60 data collection effort, describing what data is being collected, and how it will be used.

Data Analysis

The Data Analysis spreadsheet contains the collected data from the study and the analysis performed on that data.

Final Report

The Final Report document contains results, methods, and recommendations from the study.

Final Presentation

The Final Presentation is the set of slides used to present final results to the GMU SEOR faculty and FSIS.