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USPS Capstone Project

USPS Capstone Project

Fall 2013
Team Members: Dallas Kuchel, Efrain Reyes, Matthew Stirling
Sponsor: United States Postal Service

Systems Engineering
Dynamic Routing Model

Executive Summary

Our group developed a dynamic routing prototype for the United States Postal Service. We developed a concept of operations for how dynamic delivery would be implemented within the Postal Service and determined requirements for the system based on stakeholder needs.

Faced with the problem of assigning deliveries to drivers and determining efficient routing, our algorithm first divides the set of deliveries into geographic clusters to be delivered by a single driver. We then determine an efficient delivery route for each driver.

We found that our results resembled routes the Postal Service is obtaining through a commercial vendor. We believe our prototype will be valuable to the Postal Service as they begin developing their own internal dynamic routing solution, rather than utilizing a costly commercial solution. Maps illustrating our routing vs. the commercial solution routing can be viewed on the Results tab.

Please view the other tabs of our website to find more information on our project. Our complete Final Report and Final Presentation can be found on the Documents tab.