SYST 699 Final Project

Project 7 - Crowdsourcing the Production of MilSpec Geospatial Products

GMU Team 7

Milton Boone

Marcus Coker

Tim McCartney

Evan Perry

Sponsor: Boeing

Dan Whalen

Andrea Ham

Problem Statement

Boeing currently generates MilSpec compliant geospatial products for NGA using a highly specialized workflow. This workflow consists of highly trained analysts and engineers and a combination of commercial off the shelf (COTS) and internally developed software. There are a variety of geospatial datasets and products that are gathered via crowdsource methods, and Boeing believes that some this open-source data could potentially augment their existing workflow. The problem is that Boeing and their government customers do not know if this crowdsourced data is sufficiently accurate for their purposes.

Thus, this project seeks to answer the questions of how to achieve statistical confidence in the geospatial data, and how to validate geospatial data as compared to a current "truth" source.