Serious Game for Cyberattack Evaluation

Air Traffic Controller Cyberattack Evaluation Serious Game (ACES)

Campos Basin Tower


Unlike traditional games, serious games have an explicit and carefully thought-out educational purpose and are not intended to be played primarily for amusement. A serious game provides simulation of a real world situation and offers new experiences, insights, and knowledge to game players and observers, transforming learning into a more-engaging and dynamic process. Gameplay elements such as scoring, the possibility of winning or losing and embedded prizes may also be included to gauge a participant’s progress with regards to established learning goals or objectives.      

ADS-B attacks can focus on either aircrafts or ground stations. We will develop requirements and a Concept of Operations (CONOPS), System/Subsystem Specification (SSS), and Software Design Document (SDD) for a serious game that simulates the effect of cyber attacks on helicopter operations in support of Maritime Oil Fields off the coast of Brazil. The scenario will model Air Traffic Control operations in the Campos Basin and serve as a training tool for Air Traffic Controllers to help detect and respond to ADS-B cyber attacks.