Serious Game for Cyberattack Evaluation

Air Traffic Controller Cyberattack Evaluation Serious Game (ACES)

Campos Basin Tower


As computing systems have become more ubiquitous they play an integral role in the daily operation of critical infrastructure assets and operations critical to society. Automation of tasks and increased capabilities afforded by computing systems are intertwined into critical infrastructure operations.

The interconnectedness of systems and reliance upon technology has opened a new cyberspace front for warfare. To protect against technological attacks, events that may occur must be identified, threats and impact to critical infrastructure understood, and mitigating actions developed.

Gaming provides a means to evaluate various types of attacks against critical infrastructure without the need for large investments in real world test scenarios and harm or loss of life. We will leverage the use of a game, Air Traffic Controller Cyberattack Evaluation Serious Game (ACES), to simulate cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure scenario of helicopter operations in support of oil production off the Rio De Janeiro coast of Brazil.

ACES will provide a venue for training of air traffic controllers and understanding the impact of attacks on critical infrastructure and operations which will in turn help to identify and prepare mitigating actions.