The Project Team

Will, Gina and Kyle

Kyle Grunden

Kyle is a retired Air Force Officer. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach. He will complete his Master of Science in Operations Research at George Mason University in May 2014.

Gina Guerra

As a former math teacher, Gina is looking to change career paths and break into the OR world. Gina is in her final semester of the Masters in OR Program at George Mason University and will be graduating in May 2014. After graduation she will be working and living in New York.

William Leonard

William holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Centenary College of Louisiana. He will have completed a Master of Science degree in Operations Research in May of 2014. He will be working as an Operations Research Analyst for the Department of Defense once he graduates.

TASC, Inc.

TASC, Inc. is a provider of systems engineering resulting in scientific, engineering, and technical services to federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as the military. Our sponsor, TASC, Inc., based out of Lorton, Virginia, is working to solve many of the most pressing national security and public safety challenges facing our nation and the world. In terms of defense, TASC, Inc. plays a key role in supporting the protections which prevent illicit agents from entering the United States. TASC, Inc. has requested a prototype of an architecture and framework, along with an analysis of implementation for a ubiquitous network of CBRNE sensors in an everyday setting that can be continued by company computational scientists within a classified setting once more advanced sensor technologies exist.