USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service

N60 Work Measurements Time Study

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Project Documentation

Below are links to all of our final documentation created during this Capstone project. Much of the data is sanitized in order to prevent any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from being released to the public. The full, unedited, data sets are available from USDA FSIS directly.

Project Proposal

Our project proposal was reviewed and approved by both GMU faculty and FSIS management prior to project initiation.

Data Collection Sheet, Data Sheet Instructions, & Pilot Study

Our project team updated the data collection sheet and instruction sheets previously created by the Fall 2013 GMU team. This update was done in conjunction with FSIS management, specifically a volunteer Front Line Supervisor (FLS) who was familiar with the N60 task. These two documents were then sent out to inspectors to be completed and returned to GMU.

Data Analysis Spreadsheet

The data analysis spreadsheet has all of the data utilized by our team for the data analysis, along with the analytical results we determined and presented to FSIS management. This spreadsheet has been sanitized in order to be released on a public website.

Final Presentation

Our final presentation was delivered on March 09, 2014 to GMU faculty, along with our FSIS sponsors. The final presentation gives concise overview of the project itself and our findings.

Final Project Report

Our final project report was delivered to GMU faculty, along with our FSIS sponsors. This report gives a highly detailed review of our project, the tasks completed, all findings with their statistical support data, and recommendations to FSIS for further improvement in their task time calculations.