NOVEC Data Analysis and Forecasting Cost Model

SYST/OR 699 Capstone Project

GMU NOVEC Project Team


Grant Huang - Systems Engineering Graduate Student

Grant holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering (CEIE) from GMU and pursued a Master of Science in Systems Engineering (SE). On the CEIE side, he has worked as a structural engineer and project manager for a residential construction builder. On the SE side, he is presently a systems engineer for a DoD contractor.


Craig McClellan - Operations Research Graduate Student

Craig has a dual major bachelors degree in physics/mathematics from California University of Pennsylvania. He has worked as a Cost Analyst for NASA, NOAA, and the DoD. At the time of this project he was working to complete his MS in Operations Research with a concentration in Optimization. He obtained a Graduate Certificate in Computational Modeling from GMU in Spring of 2014.


Sajjad Taghiyeh - Operations Research Graduate Student

Sajjid has studied industrial engineering at the Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran. At the time of this project he is working as a graduate research assistant at George Mason University. His field of research is simulation optimization. He is experienced with mathematical modeling, linear and non-linear optimization and integer programming.


Junhchao Zhuang - Systems Engineering Graduate Student

Junchao is a full time student in Systems Engineering at George Mason University pursuing a Master's degree. He received his bachelor's degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech. He has experience in data analysis and Systems Engineering.