Novec EXpansion Identification System

SYST/OR 699 Capstone Project

GMU Project Team


Austin Orchard

Austin is a graduate student pursuing a Masters of Science of Systems Engineering. He currently works at Exelis in the Civil and Aerospace division as a systems engineer designing mission critical air traffic management solutions. Exelis is a global aerospace, defence, and information systems and services company that provides services to a broad range of stakeholders. Austin would like to thank his friends, family, and GMU SEOR faculty for their support and contributions to his academic pursuits.


Brian Smith

Brian B. Smith is Graduating with a Master's Degree in Operations Research from GMU in May 2015. Brian currently works as an Optimization Research Specialist for NCI on the Incentive Auction Task Force at the FCC. Previously, he taught math and physics for 10 years at Trinity School at Meadow View. Brian has a BS in Mathematics from the Catholic University of America.


Tygue Ferrier

Tygue is pursuing a masters in Systems Engineering with the ATS concentration. He will apply this masters degree to his career as a systems integrator for the FAA. As an integrator he carries a broad technical skill set that is enhanced by his systems engineering tools. He currently aids Thales Group Aviation Solutions Division with integration and testing initiatives of Automated Air Traffic Control systems implemented across two airports and at the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center. All this in support of NextGen and its advanced automation Data Communication programs for the FAA.