Team Members

Elshaday Yilma

Elshaday is working towards her master's degree in Systems Engineering.She receieved her bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Boston University.She is currently working as an Engineer at Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative.

Mumtahina Mahmud

Mumtahina is finishing her masterís degree in systems engineering. She earned her bachelor's degree in systems engineering from mason as well. Currently she is working as a Systems Engineer for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Nghia Nguyen

Nghia Nguyen earned a M.S. in Operations Research from George Mason University in December 2016. He completed a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech.Nghia currently works for Raytheon as Systems/M&S engineer supporting multiple projects, mainly the Air Force Launch and Test Range system (LTRS) program. He provides M&S analysis on Eastern Range and Western Range operations to assess its capacity to support Air Force Launch Manifest. Nghia is married and has two children.

Richard Neary

Richard Neary is finishing his M.S. in Systems Engineering from George Mason University in December, 2016. He completed a B.S. in Computer Science. Richard currently works as a DevOps engineer, supporting the development and infrastructure of multiple projects.