Welcome to the GMU Firewall Analysis Project

Research and Development

The Firewall Optimization Group for GMU (FROG) researched best developed strategies for improving firewalls based on extensive research. Research included novel algorithms for detecting inefficiencies in rule sets as well as the best methods for firewall maintenance. Our research can be found on the deliverables page in the final report.

Firewall Data Analysis

FROG conducted extensive research and then put theoretical to practice. Through the development of a relational database to identify relationships among rules, FROG conducted analysis to identify various rule anomalies that may be present within the rule set. FROG created conducted pairwise comparisons to detect unwanted inefficiencies.

Strategic Recommendations

Research and analysis are great tools that all lead to recommendations. FROG compiled the analysis into a final report—which you can find on the Deliverables page—and created recommendations for the customer. The recommendations are based not only on the analysis but also common practices and techniques used by networking professionals.