GMU Campus Parking Slot Auctioning System



Design Team Picture: (Left to Right) Sylvia Jaimes, Lena Najarian, Maria Sanchez, Rupinder Sujlana, Edward Gadsby (not shown)


Design Problem: Design an electronic parking slot auctioning system for George Mason University:


The parking and traffic congestion problem at GMU has been of concern for several years.  Transportation officials of the university are interested in innovative solutions to help mitigate this problem.  You are being asked to design an improved university parking and campus Parking Allocation System. You should consider the design alternatives created in last years design class. You must evaluate the current problem, peak traffic loads, parking concentrations and student traffic patterns.  You must evaluate the number and location of the current parking facilities, the nature of the parking facilities, the current space allocation policies, future growth trends, revenue neutral solutions, etc. and design a computer (web based) student, faculty and staff annual auctioning system to optimally allocate parking space at GMU main campus.  The preliminary proposal must be presented to university officials in early December for potential funding of a prototype system evaluation in the spring.  Simulation and testing/evaluation will be emphasized in the spring semester. Prof. Karla Hoffman is a potential resource for this design effort.


Potential Sponsors: GMU Parking Office or GMU Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science Lab