Low Altitude General Aviation Free Flight Zone, Air Traffic Management Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Sector Design



Design Team Picture: (Left to Right) Kapil Datt, Jhonnattan Diaz, Susan Hanna, Issac Mosquera,  Kevin Sadeghian, Khoi Vu


Design Project:  Design a new US Air Traffic Control Sectorization System based upon Wireless Telecommunication System Requirements: 


With the rapid growth of business travel using general aviation aircraft, the number of low occupancy vehicles in the air may overwhelm the current air traffic control system.  It ahs been proposed that new technology may allow these aircraft to self-separate.  These aircraft do not fly structured routes that are repeatable on a daily basis and thus cannot be accommodated in the 4 D tubes addressed in Design C.  This random direction system is limited by the automatic conflict detection and avoidance system on each aircraft.  It is proposed that a 6,000 foot corridor be established between 13,000 and 19,000 feet for these aircraft.  Design the digital communication system cell configuration for all GA air traffic in the US airspace.  Assume that the communication system will be a TDMA VDL-4 data link design.


Sponsor:  CNS, Inc., Ms. Lorri DeLorenzo Team Advisor