SYST 302:  Systems Methodology and Design

Spring   2002


            Instructor: Prof. K. C. Chang, SITE II, Rm. 315, (703) 993-1639,        

Class room and hours:  R A111, 12:00 to 1:15 PM, TR, Office hour:  1:30 - 3:00 TR



Course Objective

            This class is part of a two-semester introduction (SYST 301 and 302) to systems engineering.  The objective of this two semester sequence is to provide students with a detailed introduction to system engineering process, some experience exercising this process, and a general introduction to a variety of quantitative techniques that are relevant to systems engineering.  SYST 301 will concentrate on the systems engineering process, with particular emphasis on modeling and analysis of systems requirements and the specification of overall systems architecture.  SYST 302 will concentrate on the use of quantitative techniques to model and evaluate design options.


Scope of Course


            Analysis methods of systems engineering design and management.  Decision analysis, models for economic evaluation, optimization in design and operations, probability and statistical methods, queuing theory and analysis, management control techniques, reliability and maintainability analysis, and economic and life cycle cost analysis.  Prerequisites: SYST202, 203.



Course Outline




Alternative and Models in Decision Making

Chap. 7

Models for Economic Evaluation

Chap. 8

Optimization in Design and Operations   

Chap. 9

Probability and Statistical Methods

Appendix B and Handouts

Queuing Theory and Analysis

Chap. 10

Control Concepts and Techniques

Chap. 11

Design for Reliability

Chap. 12

Markov Chain Analysis and Applications


Design for Maintainability

Chap. 13

Design for Economic Feasibility

Chap. 17

Course Assignments and Grading

This course will have weekly Homework assignments, two midterms, and a final exam.  They will constitute             30%, 40%, and 30% of the grade, respectively.  Some homework assignments may be done using MATLAB.


Course Materials


            Required texts: Blanchard and Fabrycki, Systems Engineering and Analysis, 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall, 1998. 


Course Schedule


            Wk#1                         Course Introduction/Decision Making Model                        Chap 7           

            Wk#1              Decision under Risk and Uncertainty                            Chap 7

            Wk#2              Economic Models                                                            Chap 8

            Wk#2              Economic Evaluation                                                      Chap 8

            Wk#3              Probability Concept                                                         Appendix B

            Wk#3              Probabilistic Analysis                                                          Appendix B

            Wk#4              Statistical Methods                                                        Handouts

            Wk#5              Mid-term 1: Chap. 7, 8, Appendix B, Handouts


            Wk#5              Optimization Theory                                                 Chap 9

            Wk#6              Constrained and Unconstrained Optimization            Chap 9

            Wk#6              Constrained and Unconstrained Optimization            Chap 9

            Wk#7              Queuing Theory                                                 Chap 10

            Wk#7              Queuing Analysis                                                          Chap 10

            Wk#8             Spring Recess

            Wk#9              Queuing Analysis                                                          Chap 10

            Wk#10                        Mid-term 2: Chap. 9, 10


            Wk#10                        Control Concepts                                                       Chap 11

            Wk#11                        Control Techniques                                                    Chap 11

            Wk#11                        Reliability: Concept and Measures                               Chap 12

            Wk#12                        Markov Chain for Reliability Analysis                                  Handouts

            Wk#13                        Reliability: Design and Evaluation                              Chap 12

Wk#13                Maintainability: Concept and Measures                   Chap 13

Wk#14                Maintainability: Design and Evaluation                  Chap 13

            Wk#14                        Design for Economic Feasibility                                Chap 17

            Wk#15                        Life-Cycle Cost Analysis                                              Chap 17

            Wk#16                        Final Exam: Chap. 11, 12, 13, 17, Handouts