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Syst 371 - SE Management - Spring 2003

Subject to revision to correct errors and omissions.


William Adams, PE, PhD

703 323 5131



Time: 1330-1445 local time

Bldg.- Room -- T-107

(See Lecture and assignment schedule in separate file)


Text: Project Management in Practice

Mantel et al



Be proficient with the tools and techniques of project management for use in the senior project.


Be able to plan a project and use MS Project to create a Gantt char.


Understand the context and areas relating to or impacting a project.

Topics taught in Syst 571 may be noted but are not covered here. Other topics will be discussed as appropriate to the Syst 371environment.


Each student will have personal and team metrics to guide future project planning. Each student will create a personal reference notebook to be used as a tool in project management.


Experience working in a team environment where communication, cooperation, and coordination are key parameters. Time planning, decision making, and conflict resolution will be part of working as a team.


Lightweight processes are to be documented and used. Team efforts will be self evaluated for future improvements on the next project.


Policies and Approach

All applicable laws and GMU policies are hereby included by reference.

Students are responsible for knowing the school policies as documented in the Catalog.


Attention should be paid to the honor code provisions.


Smoking is not allowed in the classroom.


All notes should be annotated with a timestamp and the source. Acknowledgement of all sources is expected if material from a textbook, website, inter-team collaboration, or class discussions is used.


Students are expected to

        attend all sessions on time.

        have reviewed the text and other course material

        participate actively

        be alert, having had adequate sleep and rest

        first attempt to do all the work by themselves including team participation

        ask for help when necessary

        plan their work and budget their time

        keep a log of all resources expended


You may synchronize your watches by telephone at 202 762 1401.


Teamwork is an integral factor of project management. All students are expected to work in a collaborative and cooperative manner both on their project team and in the class as a whole.


Communication is vital to good management and will be emphasised through in class briefings concerning the team projects and written status reports.


All persons are expected to work in a collaborative and cooperative manner. Planning and coordination are expected to minimise duplication of efforts.


The course will cover the entire text and additional related topics as appropriate based on the time available. Emphasis is on project management within a systems engineering context.



In addition to the final and mid-term exams, each student will be on a team with a team project due near the end of the semester.


Each student is to log all resources used by category for the entire course.

This will be turned in and graded.


Each student is to instantiate a personal reference notebook with pertinent facts, tips, terminology, examples, reference data, checklists, resources, pointers to books and web sites, etc., as appropriate. This will be turned in and graded.


Weekly status reports will be presented by teams and turned in for evaluation.


Each student is to turn in a cumulative resource used status.


Additional items will be assigned in class.



Please provide hardcopy of all assignments.

Please use a font that is 12-14 points, with 2-3 points of leading for text.

Do not use times roman or similar fonts with small x-height or tight tracking. Please use American Typewriter aka Editor, or Dark Courier. Other large x-height fonts with uniform stroke weight may be used; but, please confirm readability with the professor first. Thanks!


Spreadsheets and similar items should use Arial Narrow 8-10 point.



All exams, quizzes, and other work are open book. The class textbook and the student's personal reference notebook may be used.


Exams and quizzes are to be done individually. All other work is to be done collaboratively with their team, or the class. Teams may help each other but acknowledgement is to be given to such help.


Grades will be based on - with the noted relative weighting factors.

        Final exam - individual - 600

        Mid term exam - individual - 300

        Team Project - team - 500 for each person

        Status reports - 100 - team presentation (team grade - each time different person presents) written report to also be provided.

        Teamwork/Participation - +/- 200 - individual/team/class

        Personal resource usage log - 100

        Personal reference notebook - 450

        Class participation

        Presentation - individual - 150 (separate from team status)

        Discussion/Q&A - individual - 100

        Daily text assignments - individual - 100

        Ad-hoc/special assignments - individual/team/class +0-300 TBD

        Bonus assignments - volountary - individual/team/class + 0-300 TBD


3000 total points available: per person = 2000, per team = 800,

and class = 200.