SYST 371/001 Systems Engineering Management


Instructor: Dr. George L. Donohue

Office: Rm 121 S&T II

Lecture: Robinson B120

Time: MW 13:30 – 14:45

Office Hours: Monday 10:30 to 12:00,

                        Wednesday 10:30 to 12:00


Prerequisites: Stat 344 and SYST 301, Co-requisit SYST 302


Text: Mantel, Meredith, Shafer and Sutton, “Project Management in Practice, 2nd Ed. 2005.


Objective:  Systems 371 is designed to provide the systems engineer with management and project control skills required to formulate and manage large complex projects.  The first half of the class will be devoted to the development and demonstration of each individual students ability to use the tools of engineering management and control to effectively trade off performance, cost and time.  The final third of the class will be devoted to team competition on a common engineering project proposal.  Based upon individual performance on the mid-term exam and homework performance, team leaders will be chosen who will select their team members.  All teams will be given a common engineering management problem and they will bid for the contract at the end of the semester.  I will act as the acquisition executive of a large company that has requested the proposal and will assign final grades based upon each proposal’s overall merits.



Grading:  Each student’s final grade will be determined as follows:


25% Team Final Proposal Presentation

25% Final Project report (written)

25% Mid-Term Exam

15% Homework

10% Timesheets and team self-evaluation

Semester Schedule:


January 23. Review Spring Semester Schedule

            HW problems 18-23, due Jan 30.  In class statistics exam. Distribute Time Sheets.

January 25. Chapter 1 the Manager, Meyers Briggs, NPV,  etc.

            HW: take the Meyers Briggs test at

Submit results with your name on the computer printout on Jan. 30.

January 30. a management personality game, HW problems due.

Feb. 1. Chapter 2 Organization and the Team

Feb. 6. Chapter 2 Conflict Management

Feb. 8. Chapter 3  Project Planning

            HW: John Wiley and Sons case study, due Feb. 15

Feb. 13. Chapter 3 WBS

Feb. 15. Chapter 4 Budgeting

Feb. 20. Chapter  4 Cost Estimating and Learning Curves

HW: use Crystal Ball to do prob. 1, 2, and 3.  What is the First Unit Cost @ 80% LC and 30,000 units per year?  What are year 6 production costs? Due Feb. 27.

Feb 22. Chapter 4 Risk Management

Feb 27 Chapter 5 Scheduling PERT and CPM

March 1. Chapter 5 Simulation and Gantt Charts

            HW: do problems 25, 27, 28; due March 6.

March 6. Chapter 6 Resource Allocation, Goldratts Critical Chain

March 8.  Chapter 7 Monitoring and Control

March 12-19 Spring Break

March 20. Chapter 7 Earned Value Management

March 22. Chapter 8 Evaluation and Termination, MT exam hand out

March 27  Mid Term Exam (open book, take home) due

March 29. Pass back Exam and Individual team formation

April 3. video on the design problem, Q&A on Project Design Proposal

April 5.   Individual team discussions of project status

April 10. Individual team discussions of project status

April 12. Individual team discussions of project status

April 17. Individual team discussions of project status

April 19. Individual team discussions of project status

April 24. Final written Project Proposals due, Final Proposal Presentations* (1)

April 26. Final Proposal Presentations (2)

May 1.    Final Proposal Presentations (3)

May 10.  Final Exam (lessons learned discussion and course evaluation)


* Actual presentation order will be determined by random draw