Spring 2006



Dr. Philip Barry



Work Phone:

(703) 983-7826 (with voice mail)



GMU: SEOR Office

Office Hours:

By Appointment

Course Description:

Intensive study of the systems engineering lifecycle for information technology and software intensive systems. Lifecycle models for the development of systems. Technical direction and systems management of organizational processes. Change Management. Analysis and design processes for information systems engineering.

Course Hours:

Tuesdays 1920 to 2200. Innovation Room 136


1.       System Engineering and Analysis, 4th Edition (2005); Blanchard and Fabrycky ISBN: 0131869779 Prentice Hall


2.       CMMI Distilled, 2nd edition (2004), Dennis Ahern ISBN: 0-32-118613-3, Addison-Wesley


3.       OA Text: TBD


5% - Class Participation


35% - Group Project


20% - Exam 1


20% - Exam 2


20% - Exam 3


Lecture Notes

Notes will be posted on WEBCT. Details provided in week 2.


Class Participation

Your active participation in discussions is expected. Attendance in class is necessary but not sufficient for class participation.


Group Project

Each student will be a part of a small group that will be required to work a project over the term of the course. Periodic formal status updates will be required to be given in class. The final product will be a notebook that is turned at the end of the semester. A preliminary schedule of events is attached and will likely be modified as the semester develops.



Three exams will be given. They will be open book and in class. You will be given 2.5 hours to complete the exams.



Project Notebooks WILL NOT be accepted late. Tests will be in-class. Reasonable accommodations will be made for job-related travel, etc. but requirements will not be waived.

Schedule of Events


SYST512 Spring 2006

Week 1>

24 Jan

       Background; Introductions,

       Systems Engineering (Systems Definition), Systems Engineering (Lifecycles)

       Lecture: Blanchard Chapters 1 and 2

       In-class exercise

Week 2>

31 Jan

       Systems Engineering (Management)

       Lecture: Blanchard Chapter 18, 19

       Form Groups

       In-class exercise

       Group Assignment 1

Week 3>

7 Feb

       Systems Analysis and Design Evaluation

       Lecture: Blanchard Chapter 7

       Status Brief 1 Groups TBD

       Group Assignment 2

Week 4>

14 Feb

       Systems Analysis and Design Evaluation (cont.)

       Lecture: Blanchard Chapter 8

       Status Brief 2 Groups TBD

       Group Assignment 3

Week 5>

21 Feb

       Design for Operational Feasibility

       Lecture: Blanchard Chapter 12, 13

       Status Brief 3 Groups TBD

       Group Assignment 4

Week 6>

28 Feb

       Exam 1

Week 7>

7 Mar

       Exam Review

       Lecture 1 CMMI

       Status Brief 4 Groups TBD

       Group Assignment 5

Week 8>

14 Mar

       No Class - Spring Break

Week 9>

21 Mar

       Lecture 2 CMMI

       Status Brief 5 Groups TBD

       Group Assignment 6

Week 10>

28 Mar

       Lecture 3 CMMI

       Status Brief 6 Groups TBD

       Group Assignment 7

Week 11>

4 April

       Exam 2

Week 12>

11 April

       Exam Review

       Lecture Object Oriented Analysis 1

       Status Brief 7

       Group Assignment 8

Week 13>


       Lecture Object Oriented Analysis 2

       Status Brief 8

       Group Assignment 9

Week 14>


       Lecture Object Oriented Analysis

       Status Brief 9

       Group Assignment 10

Week 15>

19 July

       Exam 3

Week 16>

26 July

       Final Group Presentations All Groups

       Project Notebooks Due No late Notebooks Accepted!