SYST 571 Systems Engineering Management

Fall 2007


Dr. Harold Camp



(703) 585-7745 (with voice mail)




Office Hours:

Wednesdays before and after class, others by appointment


Course Description:

571 Systems Engineering Management (3:3:0) Prerequisite: SYST 471 or SYST 530. Study of more advanced topics in systems engineering management. Seminar style; students are expected to read a number of selections from current literature as well as make presentations and produce papers on engineering management topics. Students will also execute a project involving developing a Systems Engineering Management Plan, a Risk Management Plan, and a Product Assurance Plan for a complex System. Topics include multiproject management (Task Orders, IDIQ, CPAF, CPFF, T&M, and FFP), quality and product assurance programs, independent reviews, risk management, and the impacts of process change on an organization. The class focuses strongly on the practical aspects of various system engineering management techniques and practices on projects, organizations, and personnel. Students will be required to research systems engineering topics and present their findings in class. Class time will be devoted to student presentations and content will be on the final examination.



The course materials will comprise INCOSE, IEEE, EIA, ISO, DoD, and other literature, most is available over the internet. This literature includes articles, standards, handbooks, policies, processes and procedures.


Recommended Reading:

1.    1. Integrated Project Management by Barkley, McGraw-Hill, 06, isbn 978-0-0-7146626-4

2.    Project Management Case Studies by Kerzner, Wiley, 03, isbn 978-0-4-7122578-2



30% - Group Project:

         20% SEMP

         10% Risk Management Plan

         10 % Product Assurance Plan

30% - Research and Class Presentations

10% - Mid-Term Exam

30% - Final Exam

Group Project

The Group Project is one focal point of student effort within this course. The majority of effort toward the group projects will be expended outside of class, with class time being reserved for lectures, presentations, and reporting on group activities. Each group will produce three systems engineering planning documents; a Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP), a Product Assurance Plan (PAP), and a Risk Management Plan (RMP). Criteria and guidance for these documents will be given in class. Note: Weekly minutes of group activities to be emailed to beginning 12 September 2007. Format will be discussed in class.


Examinations are comprehensive over the lectures and student. Examinations will be open book and open note since they will test you on the application of principles learned. You will be expected to interpret the material of the course.

Individual Research Paper and Presentations:

Each student will select a relevant systems management topic, research that topic, write a scholarly paper of 3 to 6 pages, single spaced, and present their topic in class. Due to the number of students in class, the presentations will be limited to 15 minutes each. Content of the paper and presentation will be given in class on 12 September.


Week 1>

29 August

       Lecture: Systems Engineering Management

       Lecture: Systems Engineering Management Literature

Week 2>

5 September

       Lecture: Systems Engineering Management Plan

       Group: Form and Organize Groups

Week 3>


12 September

       Lecture: Risk Management

       Research Paper: Assign topics and presentation schedule for research paper and presentation

Week 4>


19 September

       Lecture: Risk Management Plan

       Group: Present Statement of Work, Begin SEMP

Week 5>

26 September

       Lecture: Product Assurance

       Group: Present Statement of Work, Begin RMP

Week 6>


3 October

       Lecture Product Assurance Plan

       Student Presentations (5)

Week 7>

10 October

       Lecture: Configuration and Data Management

       Student Presentations (5)

Week 8>

17 October

       Mid-Term Exam

Week 9>


24 October

       Lecture: Process & Process Management

       Student Presentations (5)

Week 10>

31 October

       Lecture: Internal Project & Customer Reviews

       Student Presentations (6)

Week 11>

7 November

       Lecture: Integrated Product Teams

       Student Presentations

Week 12>


14 November

       Lecture: System of Systems Management

       Groups: Turn in SEMP

       Student Presentations (6)

Week 13>

21 November

       No Class -- Thanksgiving

Week 14>

28 November

       Lecture: Multi project management

       Group Presentations

       Groups: Turn in RMP

Week 15>


5 December

       Lecture: Systems Engineering Life Cycle

       Groups: Presentations

       Group Activity: Turn in PAP

Week 16>

12 December

       Final Examination (includes requirements group evaluations)