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Systems Engineering and Operations Research

Fall 2001 Syllabi

OR 441 Operations Research I HOFFMAN, K L
OR 442 Operations Research II CHEN, C H
OR 481 Numerical Methods in Engineering SAUER, T D
OR 540 Management Science LOERCH, A G
OR 541 Deterministic Models SCHAEFER, L
OR 542 Stochastic Models CHEN, C H
OR 635 Discrete System Simulation CHEN, C H
OR 641 Linear Programming SOFER, A
OR 643 Network Modeling FRIESZ, T L
OR 649 Air Transport Systems Modeling DONOHUE, G L
OR 652 Military Operations Research Modeling II LOERCH, A G
OR 671 Judgment and Choice Processing ADELMAN, L
OR 681 Contemporary Issues in Decision Analysis SCHUM, D A
OR 682 Computational Methods in Engineering & Stat SAUER, T D
OR 683 Principles of C3I, Part I CHANG, K C
OR 750 Computational Model Problem Inference LASKEY, K B
SYST 201 Discrete Dynamic Systems Modeling SHORTLE, J
SYST 301 Systems Design LASKEY, K B
SYST 417 Optimization Methods in Systems Engineering FRIESZ, T L
SYST 420 Network Analysis FRIESZ, T L
SYST 421 Classical Systems and Control Theory BEALE, G O
SYST 470 Human Factors Engineering KILLAM, H W
SYST 489 Senior Seminar BROUSE, P S
SYST 490 Senior Design Project I DONOHUE, G L
SYST 500 Quantitative Foundation for Systems Engg SOFER, A
SYST 510 Systems Definition & Cost Modeling BROUSE, P S
SYST 513 Total Systems Engineering PATTERSON JR.,
SYST 520 Systems Design & Integration BIENVENU, M P
SYST 521 Network Analysis FRIESZ, T L
SYST 530 Systems Management and Evaluation BARRY, P S
SYST 571 Systems Engineering Management BIENVENU, M P
SYST 572 (PDF) Intro to Systems Integration Engineering SAGE, A P
SYST 573 Decision & Risk Analysis SCHUM, D A
SYST 611 System Methodology and Modeling CHANG, K C
SYST 621 Systems Architecture for Large Scale Systems WAGENHALS, L
SYST 659 Air Transport Systems Modeling DONOHUE, G L
SYST 659 Computational Model Problem Infererence LASKEY, K B
SYST 671 Judgment and Choice Processing ADELMAN, L
SYST 680 Principles of C3I, Part I CHANG, K C
SYST 696 Customer Relationship Management GULLEDGE, T R
SYST 697 Critical Info Technology Infrastructure SOMMER, R A
SYST 781 Data Mining/Knowledge Discovery MICHALSKI, R S
IT 803 (PDF) Complex Adaptive Systems/Know Mgmt SAGE, A P
IT 842 Model Probabilistic Reasoning SCHUM, D A
IT 850 (PDF) Seminar: Topics in Syst Integration Engg SAGE, A P

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