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Systems Engineering and Operations Research

Spring 2005 Syllabi

OR335 Discrete System Modeling/Simulation CHEN, C H
OR 441 Operations Research I POLYAK, R A
OR442 Operations Research II WIELAND, F
OR 481 Numerical Analysis I ZOLTEK, S M
OR481 Numerical Methods in Engineering SAUER, T
OR541 Deterministic Models POLYAK, R A
OR542 Stochastic Models WIELAND, F
OR 644 Nonlinear Programming SOFER, A
OR647 Queueing Theory PATEL, S
OR 649 Modeling, Simulation, Gaming ALEXANDER
OR 651 Military Operations Research I LOERCH, A G
OR 671 Judgement/Choice Proc & Desc ADELMAN, L
OR 680 (PDF) Applications Seminar SIVARAMAN, E
OR 681 Decision and Risk Analysis YOUNGREN, M
OR 682 Numerical Analysis ANDERSON, D
OR 750 Nonlinear Programming SOFER, A
SYST 101 Understanding Systems Engineering ROTHWELL
SYST 202 (PDF) Continuous Dynamic Syst Modeling CARLEY-SPENCER, M
SYST 203 Systems Modeling Lab CAMP, H
SYST 302 Systems Method & Design II SIVARAMAN, E
SYST 335 Discrete Sys Modeling/ Sim CHEN, C H
SYST 371 Systems Engineering Management ADAMS, W
SYST 421 Class Sys and Control Theory BEALE, G O
SYST 460 International Air Traffic Control SHERRY, L
SYST 469 Human Computer Interaction ADELMAN, L
SYST 473 Decision & Risk Analysis LOERCH, A
SYST 481 Economic Systems Design II PORTER, D
SYST 495 Senior Design Project II DONOHUE, G L
SYST 510 Systems Def & Cost Modeling BROUSE, P S
SYST 520 (PDF) Systems Design & Integration SAGE, A P
SYST 530 Systems Mgmt and Evaluation BROUSE, P S
SYST 560 International Air Traffic Control SHERRY, L
SYST 573 Decision & Risk Analysis YOUNGREN, M
SYST 611 System Methodology/ Modeling CHANG, KC
SYST 621 System Architecture Design LEVIS
SYST 622 (PDF) Systems Integr/Architect Eval SAGE, A P
SYST 671 Judgement/Choice Proc & Desc ADELMAN, L
SYST 683 Modeling, Simulation, Gaming ALEXANDER, R S
SYST 693 Supply Chain Integr/Mgmt GULLEDGE, T
IT 850 (PDF) Systems Integr/Architect Eval SAGE, A P
IT 944 Process Discovery Enhance Engineering SCHUM, D
IT 990/991 Dissertation Topic Presentation NASH, S

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