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George Mason University
2002-03 University Catalog

College of Nursing and Health Science

Phone: (703) 993-1900


The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia and the State Board of Nursing approved the baccalaureate nursing program in 1974. Since that time, the program has grown from a Department of Nursing to a School of Nursing and in 1993, the School of Nursing was reformulated as the College of Nursing and Health Science to provide the breadth needed to respond to dramatic and dynamic fundamental changes occurring in health care. The college's community-based curriculum has become a national and international model serving to inform and guide curriculum change as decentralization trends move the focus of health care from the institutional to regional and local community-based care.

The mission of the college is to equip professionals to provide leadership, care, and services related to health promotion, wellness, disease prevention, and quality of life through the promotion of physical, social, and environmental health practices. Graduates practice in a variety of roles in settings that are complex, multicultural, and constantly changing. The college is a resource for health promotion to the university, as well as to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Rita M. Carty, Dean
Jeanne Sorrell, Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Research
Rosemarie C. Brenkus, Assistant Dean for Student Academic Affairs
Christena Langley, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Ellen Dawson, Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs in Nursing
P. J. Maddox, Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs in Health Science


Professors: Ailinger, Butler, Carty, Feeg, Johnson-Brown, Metcalf, Silva, Sorrell, Wakefield
Associate professors: Alemi, Baghi, Choi, Dawson, Douglas, Ferguson, Fisher, Gaffney, Maddox, Moore, Noble, Redmond, Vail, Wu
Assistant professors: Atherton, Bernstein, Boland, Boyd, Brenkus, Carle, Conti, Davidson, Edwards, Kodadek, Langley, Normile, Pawloski, Roberts, Rudowski, Washington, Willis, Young,
Adjunct professor: Tornabeni
Adjunct associate professors: Bednash, DeLeon, Geolot, Johnson
Adjunct assistant professor:
Instructors: Alsace, Blasser, Boyd, Durham, Gillette, Liss, Maradiegue, Merritt, Miklancie, Moss, Robertson, Stoehr, Urban, Venske
Lecturers: Burch, Brown

Student Health Services

The George Mason University Student Health Services is operated through a partnership between the College of Nursing and Health Science and University Life.

Course Work

The College of Nursing and Health Science offers all course work designated NURS and HSCI in the "Course Descriptions" chapter of this catalog.