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The Center for Global Studies presents its Ninth Annual Conference:


In the aftermath of atrocity, societies develop diverse mechanisms to cope with the legacy of violence. The experienced trauma involves not only the physical violence visited upon individual bodies, but also the destruction of families, communities and broader societal networks. Truth commissions seek to develop new narratives to understand past violence, while other mechanisms, including trials and reparations programs, attempt to provide more concrete forms of justice to survivors and relatives of victims of violence. Beyond these traditional transitional justice mechanisms, diverse art forms have also been deployed by those directly affected by violence as well as by artists seeking to convey new interpretations of why violence occurred and how it has impacted people and society at large. This international symposium brings together artists, filmmakers, scholars and those affected by violence to discuss how the arts are deployed to represent past violence and reinterpret fundamental understandings about power, truth, and justice. 


Conference schedule:

11:30-12:00pm           Registration

                                  Welcoming Remarks by Terrence Lyons and Jo-Marie Burt, Co-Directors, Center for

                                  Global Studies   

12:00-1:15pm             Film screening: Al Más Allá (“Beyond the Beyond”), by acclaimed filmmaker Lourdes

                                  Portillo, explores the impact of drug trafficking on poor, rural Mexican communities.

                                  Featuring discussion led by Ricardo Vivancos Perez, Assistant Professor, Modern and

                                  Classical Languages, George Mason University.

1:30-2:45pm               Panel I: Representations of Violence: Memory and Politics in the Balkans

                                  Chair: Arnaud Kurze, Public and International Affairs, George Mason University


                                  Luka Rukavina, Independent Filmmaker

                                  Vjeran Pavlaković, Assistant Professor, Cultural Studies, University of Rijeka

                                  Iva Vukušić, War Crimes Researcher and Analyst


3:00-4:15pm               Panel II: Art and Social Change in a Globalizing World

                                  Chair: Maria Karametou, Director, Art and Visual Technology International Programs, 

                                  George Mason University


                                  Bassam Haddad, Director, Middle East Studies, George Mason University

                                  Edgar Endress, Associate Professor, Art and Visual Technology, George Mason University

                                  Don Russell, Executive Director, Provisions Learning Center, George Mason University

4:30-6:00pm               Panel III: Art and Collective Memory in the Aftermath of Violence: Latin

                                  American Perspectives

                                  Chair: Jo-Marie Burt, Director, Latin American Studies, George Mason University


                                  Mauricio Delgado, Visual Artist, Peru

                                  Karen Bernedo, Visual Artist, Peru

                                  Marcial Godoy-Anativia, Associate Director, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and

                                  Politics, New York University

6:00-7:30pm               Community Art and Social Change

                                  Keynote Address by Andy Shallal, Owner, Busboys and Poets

                                  Spoken Word Performance by Sonya Renee, Poet


Co-sponsoring organizations: Latin American Studies, Human Rights & Global Justice Working Group, and University Life

For information on this event, contact CGS Co-Director Professor Jo-Marie Burt:


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