Center for Global Studies


Fall 2007


13 December

Lecture TrACC

Human Trafficking in Southern Russia
Location TBD, 2pm


3 December


A Generation in Jeopardy: Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Future

Center for the Arts, Concert Hall, 8pm 
Fairfax Campus,


13 November

Panel Discussion

European Politics: New Leadership, Shifting Landscapes?

Dewberry Hall South, Fairfax Campus, GMU, 4:30pm

Fairfax Campus


12 November

Vision Speaker Series

The Development of the Law Governing Detention of Enemy Combatants: Past, Present, and To Come

Center for the Arts, Concert Hall, 8pm 
Fairfax Campus


8 November


Analysis of the Conflict in Oaxaca
Truland Building, Room 555, 1 pm 

Arlington Campus


7 November

A United States of Africa: Predicament and Promise

Location TBD, 5:30 pm

Fairfax Campus


7 November


Guatamala: "First Steps, Down New Roads"

Mercatus Center Board Rm, 3-4:30 pm
Arlinton Campus


6 November

Global Warming: the Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable

Dr. Jagadish Shukla
Fairfax Campus, Mason Hall, Edwin Meese III Conference Rm., 12 p.m. 


2-3 November

Sponsored by Reserve Officers Association (ROA), the Peace Operations Policy Program (POPP), Civil Affairs Association (CAA), and George Mason University

A Global View of Civil Affairs

Original Building, Room 329
Arlington Campus


12 September


Anti-Corruption in Iraq: The Bridge Too Far?

Original Building, Room 317, 1-3pm 
Arlington Campus


10 September

Congressional Briefing: "When Terrorism and Counterterrorism Clash: The Impact of the Global War on Terrorism on Subsequent Terrorist Activity"
U.S. Senate, Russell Building, Room SR-188, 10-12:15 pm

Washington, DC


6 September

The Uneven Institutional Terrain of Innovation in Developing Countries: The Case of China's IT Industry

Original Building, Room 268, 12:15-1:15pm

Arlington Campus


1-3 September

Third Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Research Conference

George Mason Univeristy School of Public Policy, Babson College, and GEM

Washington, DC


23 August

School of Public Policy

Think India - The Rise of the World's Next Super Power

Original Bldg, Rm 245, 11am

Arlington Campus


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