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The Center for Global Studies (CGS) at George Mason University was founded to promote multidisciplinary research on globalization and international affairs.

CGS is a research center comprising more than 100 associate faculty members whose collective expertise spans the full range of the humanities, the social and natural sciences, and information technology and engineering, as well as practice-oriented fields, such as conflict resolution, public policy, law, management, and health.  CGS also coordinates outreach efforts in the area of global studies, facilitating access to the university's full range of global expertise for multiple
communities and audiences.

Global society in the 21st century is marked by unprecedented levels of interconnectedness and flow. Actors and institutions, old and new, negotiate complex paradoxes of conflict, cooperation, development, and sustainability. Peoples, cultures, commodities, and capital traverse transnational networks, challenging existing models of geography, polity, and market.

Traditional approaches to the study of geopolitics and area studies have become increasingly unable to account for the complexities of global life. The emergence of globalization as a world reality has prompted the development in recent years of new research paradigms and programs that seek to better understand this intense interconnectedness.

CGS multidisciplinary research themes include:

CGS outreach and public education activities include:

The Center for Global Studies is a member of the Globalization Studies Network, an international consortium of university research centers dedicated to the study of globalization.