Center for Global Studies


Dorthe Høvids Possing CGS Visiting Dissertation Fellow

(University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Drawing from her empirical research on online communication and activism among young Muslim women in Denmark, Britain and America, Dorthe Høvids Possing analyzes how young Muslim women connect to the localities and places in which they live. She addresses the questions of how we are to understand ideas of home and belonging among young Muslim women living in non-Muslim societies, and under which circumstances such ideas are affected by widespread changes in patterns of communication and mobility. By looking at how certain events and debates shape and affect communication, activism and social affiliation, she also explores some of the differences and similarities between the politics of place among young Muslim women in Europe and America respectively.
About the speaker

Dorthe H. Possing is a Visiting Dissertation Fellow at the Center for Global Studies. Her research focuses on young Muslim women in Denmark, Britain and the US and their use of the Internet for information retrieval, communication, and activism. While at George Mason University, she is carrying out research interviews and fieldwork in the Washington Metropolitan Area, writing up her dissertation and related articles, and presenting her research to the wider university community.