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African Transitions:The Challenges of Peacebuilding

Africa is always a continent that defies easy generalizations.  In 2007, crucial transitions are in progress, with the potential for advancing peace and democracy or to exacerbating conflict and authoritarian rule.  To understand some key cases and to discuss what they may mean for the larger question of the continent in transition, the Center for Global Studies is invite you to a special symposium on African Transitions: The Challenges of Peacebuilding.  Three distinguished speakers with experience from African states in transition will be featured:

· Shyaka Anastase, Director of the Center for Conflict Management at the University of Rwanda and currently Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Center for Global Studies, George Mason University Home Grown Mechanisms of Conflict Resolution in Africa’s Great Lakes Region.

· Brian d’Silva, Sudan Country Team Leader, United States Agency for International Development Planning and Implementing a Transition – The Southern Sudan Experience from a Practitioner’s Viewpoint.

· Terrence Lyons, Associate Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution and Co-Director, Center for Global Studies, George Mason University The Regional Dimensions to Conflict in the Horn of Africa and the Implications for Peace.

Peter Mandaville, Public and International Affairs and Co-Director of the Center for Global Studies will chair the meeting. The symposium will take place from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm on April 23 in the Johnson Center, Cinema. For more information, contact Marcy Glover, Global and Educational Programs Coordinator, 993-8722 or