Center for Global Studies

Middle East Oil Symposium: Kubrickian Perspectives

This panel discussion provided a fresh look on the perennial national security debate on US oil dependency. Some of the most contemplative pundits on energy policy debates addressed both what actually happened during the Arab oil embargo, and what it meant for energy policy today. While the first panel discussed  the historic angle and lessons learned, including Philip Auerswald from Mason's School of Public Policy, the second panel presented recommendations from experts, who formerly served in the government, and was moderated by the Center's Co-Director, Peter Mandaville. Guests and attendees, among which journalists, policy-makers, scholars and students, joined panelists in an animated and unparalleled exercise that challenged current widely accepted opinions. The event's objective was to offer alternative views in order to make room for innovative energy policies in a new administration.      


Philip Auerswald (right), Professor at Mason's School of Public Policy

and Adam Garfinkel, editor of The American Interest.




Charles Doran, Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.



Lawrence Korb (left), Senior Fellow at American Progress, and

Ambassador Molly Williamson, Adjunct Scholar with the Middle

East Institute.


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