Center for Global Studies

Globalization & Society in India


The Globalization & Society in India working group fosters intellectual exchanges and academic discussions among scholars interested in issues related to globalization and India, both from within and outside of George Mason University. Its goal is to produce empirical research, contributing and engaging in current debates about the globalization processes that take shape in and are shaping India. The group organizes myriad activities, such as guest speakers, publications, panel discussions, workshops and film viewings. Key interests include questions of identity and personhood in post-liberalization India, restructured work spaces and relationships, visual imagery of a burgeoning consumer society, and a critical inquiry into the rhetoric of emancipation in India's globalization process.

Group Contact is Supriya Baily.


Working Group Members

Supriya Baily, PI (IET)

Chaitanya Ravi (PhD Student, Environmental Sci & Policy)

Nayantara Sheoran (PhD Student, Cultural Studies)


Past Events

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