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For several years now, a group of Mason scholars has created and expanded a working group to explore mutual interests related to transitional and transnational justice. These include, among others, a comparative approach to justice; a comparative assessment of the variety and varied success of transitional and transnational justice initiatives; the conceptual challenge of defining victims, perpetrators, impartial judges, and other actors in the post-conflict justice arena as well as defining key concepts, such as justice, accountability, healing, transnationalism, reparations, etc.

Since fall 2007 members began to narrow their focus to explore existing and emergent institutions of accountability after mass atrocity. They were especially concerned to interrogate the claims for justice made by and on behalf of victims and other interested parties, such as human rights advocates, conflict resolution practitioners, and international institutions (e.g., the United Nations and the International Criminal Court). They intend to continue and deepen their conversation with the goal of developing a collaborative interdisciplinary approach to the role of justice after atrocity, which we will share with colleagues and students through public presentations and publication. Toward that end the group has prepared the following proposal.

Group contact is Jo-Marie Burt


Working Group Members

Jo-Marie Burt, PI (PIA)

Susan Hirsch (S-CAR)

John Dale (SOC)

Cheryl Weixia Chen (NCC)

Arnaud Kurze (Visiting Scholar, CGS)

Casey Cagley (Grad Student, PIA)

Anna Calasanti (Grad Student, PIA)

Laura Boyette (Grad Student, GLOA)


Past Events

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