Center for Global Studies


The center produces and cosponsors a number of publications for policy makers and global affairs professionals in both public and nongovernmental sectors, including:


Global Studies Review

The Global Studies Review provides faculty and advanced graduate students with an exploratory space in which to develop nascent theories, detail innovative research, and dialogue with a wide audience of university researchers, think-tank scholars, and government policy-makers both in the United States and abroad. 

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Working Papers in Global Studies

working paper series in global studies cover

These papers, many of which will deal with themes of interest to practitioners and policymakers, provide a forum for CGS associate and affiliate scholars to showcase their research-in-progress. Please visit guidelines if you are interested in submitting your work.

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Working Papers on Global Migration and Transnational Politics

Global Migration and Transnational Politics working paper series cover

Funded by the MacArthur Foundation, the paper series of this project investigates how political dynamics around the globe have been transformed by new patterns of human mobility and the development of innovative transnational social networks.

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Working Papers on Human Rights, Global Justice and Democracy

Human Rights, global justice and democracy working paper series cover

This working paper series is based on an international symposium on human rights trials in Latin America. Select panelists have prepared incisive analyses of new trends in transitional justice in the region.

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Reports, Policy Briefs & Occasional PapersForeign Assistance Conference Brief cover

In January 2009, the Center launched a new series presenting analysis, commentaries and summaries of events and conferences with an effort to bridge theory and practice in Global Studies. These documents, many of which deal with themes, such as current social, political and economic issues, are of interest to practitioners and policy makers, and provide concise information to help decision-makers, analysts and activists evaluate key problems.


Innovations: Technology | Governance | GlobalizationInnovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization


INNOVATIONS is a cutting edge, multi-disciplinary academic journal examining creative local policy solutions to global social challenges.  INNOVATIONS is jointly hosted by George Mason University and Harvard University.  Click here to access the inaugural edition of INNOVATIONS through MIT Press