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Mission Statement

The Global Education Office (GEO) facilitates international learning opportunities for Mason faculty and students through a diverse array of study abroad programs that are accessible and engage students in meaningful and life-changing experiences.

Vision Statement

Through collaboration and innovation, the Global Education Office (GEO) strives to make global learning experiences a reality for all Mason students and faculty.


  • Our students come first: We offer meaningful global experiences that serve the needs and interests of our diverse and growing student body. (Service)
  • Diversity is our strength: Through a wide range of study abroad programs, we encourage students to embrace cultural and ethnic differences, challenge norms, and develop skills that contribute to diverse and multi-cultural communities. (Diversity and Cultural Awareness)
  • Innovation is tradition: We develop intercultural competencies by offering curricula and study abroad programs that foster self-discovery, intellectual curiosity about the world, and unique learning environments. (Innovation and Collaboration)
  • We are careful stewards: We strive to create responsible and affordable study abroad programming that is enriching and sustainable. (Stewardship)
  • We act with integrity: We collaborate and interact with faculty, staff, and educational partners through respectful, transparent, and honest approaches. (Integrity and Collaboration)
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