Education Papers by Warfield:

A Collection of Writings by John N. Warfield,
on Topics Related to the Educational System in the United States

Published as a 6-Volume set by The Institute for Advanced Study in the Integrative Sciences
George Mason University
Dedicated to Walter J. Bogan, Jr., and Alexander N. Christakis

Rosamond Warfield, Editor

This announcement refers to a six-volume collection containing writings on education produced by or in close association with John N. Warfield. Warfield is a University Professor at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia. The writings revolve around three primary projects, each of which was directed by Warfield. The following summary description is focused on these three projects, one of which is still being pursued.

The Ohio Project. Warfield's education writings began in 1966, when he moved to the Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio, and began work on a project for the Ohio Department of Education. Paid for under Title 3 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, this project culminated in the production of several reports, some of which are still in use today.

The Summary, a final report of that project, is included in the six-volume collection. The work at Battelle entailed a comprehensive study of the state elementary and secondary educational system, with many detailed suggestions for its improvement and reorganization. Among those from Battelle who worked on this project were Dr. William D. Hitt and the late Benjamin B. Gordon. Both made important contributions to the various reports. The project monitor from the Ohio Department of Education was Dr. Russell Working. It was during the period of this project that Warfield moved from the mathematical areas and technical engineering framework which characterized his formal education, into a broader arena which involved sociology, psychology, history, economics, and philosophy.

The Environmental Education Project. In 1978, a large project for the Office of Environmental Education (OEE) was placed at the University of Virginia, where Warfield was Chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering. The purpose of the project was to organize the subject of environmental education, using the computer-structuring process called "Interpretive Structural Modeling", which Warfield had developed at Battelle, based upon the formalisms of Western logic. This project was developed through the efforts of Walter J. Bogan, Jr., who was the Head of OEE, in consultation with Dr. Alexander Christakis, who was employed by the Battelle Memorial Institute.

While centralized at the University of Virginia, the OEE-sponsored project benefited from the work of subcontractors at the Far West Laboratory for Education Research, Battelle Memorial Institute, the University of Illinois College of Education, the University of Dayton, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Northern Iowa. The products were very extensive, many being included in the six-volume set.

The "Great University" Project. Subsequently (1980) Warfield began a study of "The Great University" with extremely modest, but enthusiastic, sponsorship from the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Virginia (the late Dr. John E. Gibson, Dean). This research activity, initiated in the early 1980's, has continued intermittently since that time, without targeted sponsorship, drawing on a wide variety of literature sources, some from philosophy, some historical. As a result of this work, in recent years, a reorganization of universities has been proposed, based in the work of various philosophers, and conditioned by the primary aspect of Warfield's research: a study of complexity that began formally in 1968, and has continued to the present date.

Organization of the Six-Volume Set. The six-volume set is organized into six chronological periods. The contents of the various volumes follow.

Volume I. 1968-1979.

1. Planning to Meet Educational Needs in Ohio's Schools, 1968.
2. Systems Planning, in "Guidelines for Improving Project Management", 1970.
3. Notes on Conceptual Sciences, 1968.
4. A Descriptive Analysis of Environmental Education, 1978.
5. A Conceptual Basis for the Design of a Regional Environmental Learning System, 1979.
6. Systems-Oriented Environmental Education, 1979.
7. A Sourcebook for the Design of a Regional Environmental Learning System, 
    Volumes 1-6, 1979 (Annotations only).
8. You Create a Design, 1979.
9. Systems Planning for Environmental Education, 1979.
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Volume II.  1980.

10. Science and Systems Science:  A Technology Perspective, 1980.
11. Modeling Management, 1980.
12. Reading Maps of Relations, 1980.
13. Designs for the Future of Environmental Education-Final Report, Vol. I, 1980.
14. Designs for the Future of Environmental Education-Final Report, Vol. II, 1980.
15. A Role for Values in Educational System Design, 1980.
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Volume III.  1981

16. Designs for the Future of Environmental Education:  Energy, Environment, 	
     Economy, Education, Ethics, 1981.
17. Institutional Mechanics and the Great University (draft report), 1981.
18. Learning Through Model Building, 1981.
19. Mapping Environmental Education, 1981.
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Volume IV.  1982-1986.

20. Goals Study for the Rodman Program-A Report to the School of Engineering and
      Applied Sciences-University of Virginia, 1982.
21. Organizations and Systems Learning, 1982.
22. A Model of a Discipline, 1984.
23. A Course in Generic Design for Engineers (First Version), 1984.
24. A Course in Generic Design (Revision), 1985.
25. Institutionalizing Environmental Education, 1985.
26. Developing a Design Culture in Higher Education:  Some Laws and Principles 
     of Design, 1985.
27. Education in Generic Design, 1986.
28. Towards a Research Plan for George Mason University:  The Interactive University.   	
      (Draft Manuscript sent to President George J. Johnson), 1986.
29. Curriculum Workshop:  Mathematics for Computer Science, A National Science  	
      Foundation Workshop, 1986-1987.
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Volume V.  1987-1990

30. What Disciplines Large-Scale System Design?, 1987.
31. Developing a Design Culture in Higher Education:  A Workshop for the University of  	
     the Aegean (includes The "Chios Declaration"), 1988.
32. Institutes and Centers in The Interactive University (Draft sent to the Provost,
      Dr. David King, GMU, November 16), 1988.
33. Design Science:  Experiments in Teaching Large System Design, 1989.
34. Underconceptualization, 1989.
35. Designing the Great University (draft paper sent to the Provost and President of  	
     GMU, October), 1989.
36. Great University Seminar Series, (Abstracts and discussion outlines only), 1989-1990.
37. Projektowanie Ogolne Dla Inzynierow.  Kursowy Wykland Uniwerstecki,
     (in Polish, translation from English by Dr. Wojciech Gasparski, Polish
     Academy of Sciences), 1990.
38. Cybernetics, Systems Science, and the Great University, 1990.
39. Economics and Systems Science, 1990.
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Volume VI, 1992-1996.

40. Some Magnificent Academic Trusels and Their Social Consequences, 1992.
41. Structural Thinking:  Producing Effective Organizational Change, 1993.
42. Cybernetics (Encyclopedia Article), 1994.
43. Spreadthink:  Explaining Ineffective Groups, 1995.
44. Demands Imposed on Systems Science by Complexity, 1995.
45. Demands of Complexity on Higher Education, 1995.
46. Demands Imposed on Higher Education by Complexity, 1995.
47. Procrustes is Alive and Well and Teaching Composition in the English Department,  	
48. The Great University:  Report for a George Mason University Seminar
      (October), 1995.
49. Structural Thinking:  Organizing Complexity Through Disciplined Activity, 1996.
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To date, only three copies of this publication have been produced: two library-style, hard- cover, bound copies are being sent to Walter J. Bogan, Jr., and Alexander Christakis, respectively. A single spiral-bound copy is kept in the North Physical Education Module, Room 10, where visitors can examine it. Should any organization or individual desire to acquire a copy of this 6-volume set, arrangements to have it produced for the cost of copying and binding can be discussed, by telephoning 703-993-2995. Hard cover binding is done by a professional binder, who charges slightly less than $200 to do the binding. The cost of binding and shipping is to be paid by the person or organization who acquires a set.

John N. Warfield, March, 1996.