Mason extends Thanksgiving and winter holiday breaks, adds flex time in 2018

George Mason University employees are set to receive an extension in their 2017 Thanksgiving and December holiday vacation leave, plus additional leave in 2018.

Employees will have the entire day off on Wednesday, Nov. 22, thanks to a half-day provided by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and an additional four hours added by George Mason senior leadership.

Mason winter break also has been extended—eight hours compliments of the commonwealth, with another four hours added by Mason leadership for a total of two additional days, according to the Mason’s Human Resources and Payroll staff. The schedule previously called for employees to work a half-day on Friday, Dec. 22.  Now, most employees’ last day at work will now be Thursday, Dec. 21. Most will not return to work until Jan. 4.

Human Resources leaders hope the changes will add to employees’ well-being and allow them to have more time with friends and family.

“George Mason University tries to add flexibility into everyone’s work lives with this expanded holiday schedule,” said Linda Harber, vice president of Human Resources/Payroll. “We thank those folks who must work over Mason holidays and hope they can use that holiday [leave] to enjoy another time.”

Mason employees also can enjoy two additional days of flexible holiday time during the 2018 calendar year, thanks to senior leadership. Scheduling the time off requires supervisor approval.

Additional leave in 2018 from the commonwealth and Mason will allow the Thanksgiving holiday to begin on Wednesday, Nov. 21.

The 2018 winter holiday has been extended by two full days thanks to the governor; it will begin on Monday, Dec. 24, with employees returning to work on Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019.

Mason’s holiday schedule can be viewed here.