Grad Students Find Center a Gateway for Entrepreneurial Success

Grad Students

The master’s of science in management (MSM) program in George Mason University's School of Business strives to support students not only in their academic pursuits, but in reaching their real-world entrepreneurial goals. A close partnership with the School of Business’ Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) provides MSM students access to an organization intent on nurturing those with entrepreneurial and innovative aspirations, and leaders in the field like CIE Interim Director Rebecca Howick. During the fall semester, Howick spoke with MSM students about CIE and how to become an entrepreneur.

With both local and regional reach, the center offers a variety of opportunities for students and alumni at every stage of the entrepreneurial process—from those just developing an interest to those with projects in mind ready to push forward. Methods of support can range from visits to local businesses in the student’s desired industry, to funding opportunities. The MSM program is fortunate to have the resources and influence of the center. The success of the center is based around an incredibly supportive approach to working with Mason students. The center works with student business ideas that range from robotic technology to home brewing,” says Victoria Grady, MSM program director.

Howick says it is a pleasure to speak with MS in management students and alumni about the opportunities and resources available to them through the center. “We have had MS in management students participate in our Student Venture Program internship over the past few years,” she says. “MSM students have limitless potential in the entrepreneurship field because they are great problem solvers, approach challenges with enthusiasm and provide a global perspective on business. The center team invites the MS in management community to get involved with our programming.” Howick advises those interested to keep an eye out this upcoming spring for internship and job opportunities with CIE.

Offering professional development experience to non-business majors, the MSM program enhances students’ professional management skills and business-related knowledge base. Students have the option of completing the 36-hour requirement in as little as 11 months. The program features a 7 to 10-day global residency in which students take part in real-world management projects. Applicants should be recent bachelor’s degree graduates with less than two years of professional experience.