Business students research link between well-being and productivity

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Much discussion has been centered around the importance of balancing work and well-being. In an article written by School of Business students, they found that investing in your personal well-being boosts productivity and health.

“Well-being involves thriving – not simply surviving. You may wonder if, by investing in your personal well-being, you will pay a price in your professional productivity. Thankfully, just the opposite is true. By practicing well-being habits daily, you can boost your productivity along with your health. Personal well-being often leads to professional success.”

Jenny Bolanos, Aneeqa Tajammal, Valeria Santana, and Naser Al-Rafaih wrote the article titled, “Thriving Together Series: Why Well-Being Increases Productivity,” which was featured on the Center for Advancement of Well-being website. This team is one of 14 that will be publishing an article in the series through a collaboration with Jackie Brown, chair and instructor of Business Foundations at the School of Business and the Center for Advancement of Well-being. As a class project, Brown took an opportunity to have her students research and publish an article for the Thriving Together Series.

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