Mason releases Civility and Violence Prevention Training for faculty and staff


To create the safe and violence-free environment George Mason University strives to achieve, we need everyone’s help to identify and report concerning behavior, prohibited conduct, and violence so that appropriate intervention and mitigation actions can be taken.

Most importantly, Mason wants to provide support to those who experience violence, harassment, discrimination, intimidation, or other circumstances that interfere with their personal and professional development.

Therefore, in accordance with Department of Human Resource Policy, Virginia Administrative Code, and University Policy 2208, Mason’s Violence Prevention Committee has released required training for the Mason community on identification, reporting, and mitigation of violence, prohibited conduct, and concerning behavior that may occur on campus or during university-sponsored/related activities.

Civility and Violence Prevention Training for faculty and staff is mandatory and has been assigned to all employees in MasonLEAPS. All faculty and staff are required to take this training within the next 90 days or within 90 days of hire. Visit and select Launch: Civility and Violence Prevention Training from the “Your Action Items” box on the Welcome page.

In addition to training, the committee also developed a Stop Violence Webpage that consolidates the university’s resources for reporting prohibited conduct, concerning behavior, or violence that might occur in classrooms, work areas, and public spaces, and during university-sponsored events. Mason’s Stop Violence Webpage also provides additional training opportunities, information about the various offices dedicated to eradicating violence on campus, and support for those who experience violence.

Please make time to take Civility and Violence Prevention Training and take a moment to review Mason’s Stop Violence Webpage.