Where are They Now: Mason Basketball Edition


The saying “Once a Patriot, Always a Patriot” is especially true when it comes to Mason student-athletes.

Now that George Mason University alum Tony Skinn, BA Communication ’06, is the men’s basketball team’s head coach, not only is there nostalgia for the Final Four squad, but we’ve also been seeing a lot of basketball alumni on campus.

In fact, three members of that 2006 Cinderella team now work on campus. Folarin Campbell, BA Communication ’08, was the first player to return to his alma mater when he joined the Patriot Club as its assistant director in January 2022. This spring Lamar Butler, BA Communication ’06, came on board as the men’s basketball program’s director of player development.

In late June, Coach Skinn and the men’s basketball program invited Mason basketball alumni back for a special practice at EagleBank Arena. Many familiar faces showed up, including George Evans, a three-time Colonial Athletic Association Player of the Year who played for Mason from 1997 to 2001, and Jay Marsh, BA ’73, retired senior associate athletic director.

Photos from that day show the camaraderie and team spirit of these Patriots are still alive and well.

Numbers in parenthesis indicate years on the team.

Basketball team and staff pose for a photo on a basketball court.
The 2023–24 Mason men’s basketball team with the program’s alumni at the June 30 event. Photo by Art Pittman/Athletics.



Three people in Mason Athletics attire stand chatting.
Three-time CAA Player of the Year George Evans (1997-2001) shares a moment with Assistant Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Marvin Lewis and Assistant Director of the Patriot Club Folarin Campbell (2004–08). Photo by Art Pittman/Athletics.



Three men in basketball jerseys pose for the camera while others play basketball behind them.
From left, Shevon Thompson (2014–16), Myles Tate (2013–17), and AJ Wilson (2016–21). Photo by Art Pittman/Athletics.



Five men are having a conversation in the middle of a basketball court.
From left, Jai Lewis (2002–06), Head Coach Tony Skinn (2002–06), Gabe Norwood (2003–07), Ahmad Dorsett (1996–2000), and Patriot Club Assistant Director Folarin Campbell (2004–08). Photo by Art Pittman/Athletics.



Three men pose for a photo.
From left, Tremaine Price (1997–2001), Terrance Nixon (1998–2002), and George Evans (1997–2001). Photo by Art Pittman/Athletics.