2011-2012 University Catalog 
2011-2012 University Catalog

■ Computer Game Design

Performing Arts Building, Room A407
Phone: 703-993-5158
Web: http://cvpa.gmu.edu/gamedesign


Scott Martin, Program Director

Associate Professor: Martin (program director)

Term Assistant Professor: Grimsby, Willis, Wren

Undergraduate Program

The 120 credit Computer Game Design program enables students to focus on the artistic components of computer game design while providing them with the technical skills prerequisite to the field.  Required courses include computer science, art and visual technology, music, the humanities, and computer game design.  The required internship provides students with practical experience that enhances their employability postgraduation.

Portfolio Requirement

Effective Fall 2011 students who wish to apply for the Computer Game Design BFA program must submit a portfolio.

The portfolio should include 10-15 examples of student work, at least half of which must be from studio art courses.  Examples may include drawing, painting, sculpture, 2 or 3D digital art, prints, animation, models, characters, music, websites (URLs), or game levels.  Applicants may include game design documents, scripts and stories, or game code (Script, C++, JAVA).  The portfolio must be neatly organized and clearly labeled with name and desired major on the outside.  Call 703-993-5158 to schedule a portfolio review.

Course Work

The Computer Game Design Program offers all course work designated GAME in the Courses  chapter of this catalog.

Writing-Intensive Requirement

The university requires all students to complete at least one course designated “writing intensive” in their majors at the 300 level or above.  Students in the BFA in computer game design fulfill this requirement by successfully completing GAME 332.

Upper-Level Credits

All undergraduate students are required to complete a minimum of 45 credits of upper-division courses at the 300-499 level.

Major GPA

All GAME undergraduate students must earn a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA in their major.

Academic Policies

Please see College of Visual and Performing Arts  for college academic policies.


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