Hemant Purohit

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Associate Professor Information Sciences and Technology College of Engineering and Computing

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Phone: 703-993-5838
Campus: Fairfax
Building: Nguyen Engineering Building
Room 5348
Mail Stop: 1G8


Hemant Purohit is an associate professor in the School of Computing. He is an interdisciplinary researcher with interests at the intersection of computing and social sciences to understand and model online human behavior to address social problems. His educational journey started with a bachelor's degree in communication and computer engineering from The LNM Institute of Information Technology, India in 2009. He pursued PhD in computer science and engineering at Wright State University, in Dayton, Ohio, under the supervision of Professor Amit Sheth, and worked at the Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing until his graduation in 2015.

Digital technologies such as social media, the web, and the Internet of Things (IoT) have revolutionized information generation and consumption, generating massive unstructured data that presents an information overload challenge for sensemaking at any organization. Purohit's research interest lies in mining relevant behaviors in online data at scale through the human-AI collaboration and intelligent/AI systems, which can augment human capabilities at public service workplaces for processing real-time information for decision support.

For example, creating real-time systems to filter data from social media streams to discover people seeking help during disasters to aid emergency services. He creates human-centered computing methods to extract and analyze individual/group behavioral knowledge (e.g., intentional acts) from text and multimedia data using Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning techniques. He founded Mason's Humanitarian Informatics Lab which conducts research in a variety of domains to design intelligent systems for public services and social good.