Iqra Hamayoun Ahmed, MSHI, ACTTP

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Health Information Systems MAP Clinic Coordinator, HAP

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Mrs. Iqra Hamayoun is the Health Information Systems MAP Clinic Coordinator in the Department of Health Administration and Policy. Hamayoun also serves as the Clinical Informatics Data Manager and HAP Preceptor for the Mason and Partners (MAP) Clinics, Population Health Center, and special projects operating through the college. Hamayoun’s research interests include working with vulnerable populations and analyzing community and population-based healthcare to create better services for underserved patient populations.

Hamayoun started her journey with Mason during her undergraduate degree, fell in love with the community within, and never left! After conducting her clinical informatics internship with MAP, she never left her home away from home. Hamayoun proceeded to grow with the clinics starting as the Health Informatics Supervisor, HAP Preceptor, and now Clinical Informatics Data Manager while obtaining her master’s degree in Health Informatics. Prior to coming to Mason, Hamayoun worked in the health field providing administrative support and EMR management to medical facilities.

As a part of the Mason community, Hamayoun was working with the MAP Clinics through her undergraduate degree and her Masters degree as a preceptor for undergraduate and graduate capstone students. She worked her way up from intern, to preceptor, to data manager and now faculty for Mason. 


  • "Empowered Communities Opioid Project (ECOP)," Virginia Department of Health (Prime: DHHS CPIMP171154). Sutter, R. (Principal Investigator), June 2020- February 2023. Role: Data Manager.
  • “Mason Data and Technology Driven Public Health AmeriCorps Training Program,” Sutter, R. and Wojtusiak, J. (Principal Investigator), August 2022. Role: Data Manager.
  • "Nurse Education Practice, Quality and Retention (NEPQR)," HRSA UK1HP31716. Sutter, R. (Principal Investigator), July 2020-June 2022. Role: Data Manager.
  • “Latent TB Project [LTBI] (Virginia Department of Health),” Harvey, M. (Principal Investigator). Role: Data Manager.
  • “Mason and Partners Free Health Clinic General Operating [MAP Clinic] (Potomac Health Foundation),” Sutter, R (Principal Investigator). Role: Data Manager.


  • Member, Upsilon Phi Delta Honor Society (UPD)
  • Member, HIMSS


  • Excellence Award, George Mason University, May 2021


  • MSHI, Health Informatics – Data Analytics, George Mason University
  • BS, Health Administration and Policy – Health informatics, George Mason University